Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vain repetitions

On Saturday night I prayed that as I prepared for Sunday I could have my mind and heart open to the things I needed to do in my life to receive further inspiration.

Pete Green bore his testimony about temples and how important they are. He talked about how blessed we are to have them so close and how much power is there in that building. He reminded me that it’s been entirely too long since I did a session there and that I belong there.

In Relief Society we talked about setting goals and “creating something beautiful”. I remembered (again) about going to the temple and how I can and should do it much more often. Then I set a goal to go 4 times this month and not to let little excuses stop me. I even wrote it on my yellow note-card AND my planner so I couldn’t weasel out of it. (Then I remembered that SL Temple is closed for 2 weeks….bah! Little excuses don’t count.)

After church I was reading next week’s lesson in RS (only because I’m teaching…don’t get all impressed with my ability to keep up with the lessons, I’m not that cool) all about temples and read again about the power there and how "we need a temple more than anything".

Mid-nap I remembered my cousin’s commentary on the “where to live” decision she was making in her life:
“Last week we made lists of pros and cons of both places to live. Monday we made the decision and went to the temple to think about it. We felt good about it and on Tuesday looked for apartments. Wednesday we signed the lease. Thursday we packed up the moving truck and Friday we moved.”

Bottom line? Although “keep my mind and heart open so I can understand the things I need to do” is a standard line in my prayers and I didn’t particularly think about it that night (that’s pretty much the textbook definitely of vain repetitions right?), he heard and answered me anyway.

For that I am truly thankful.

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