Tuesday, July 7, 2009

25 weeks

This morning I was standing in the bathroom doing my hair (just because it doesn't look done doesn't mean I didn't do ANYTHING to it this morning....I tried....sortof.) and Josh looked at me and smiled real big. “Hey! You’re pregnant!” he said. “Hey! You too!” I said. Then he stuck out his “gut” as far as he could and walked around “like a pregnant lady*”. I laughed.

Then he informed me “you’re gettin’ a tummy.” And I laughed harder because I’ve had a tummy for a good long time. Just not one with a baby in it. “You’re gettin’ one too!” I teased. Then he stuck out his “gut” as far as he could and walked around “like a pregnant lady” some more while I laughed some more.

Baby Thomas is starting to move more often – and on Sunday while I was laying on the couch staring at my belly I saw him punch.  I actually saw my stomach stick out where there was a tiny little fist punching through all those layers just to prove to me that he’s in there. It looked like something from a sci-fi movie and I guarantee Josh could have felt it if he was with me. But he wasn’t, and he still hasn’t felt him move.

The thing about 25 weeks is that it’s a really big deal. 40 minus 25 is 15. 15 is significantly less than 25, even if you subtract the first 5 weeks when you didn’t know you were pregnant. The point? You’re way past halfway. You’re downhill. And usually when you start going down a hill the closer you get to the bottom the faster you start to move.  Simple laws of physics tell me then that this baby is gonna be here before I know it.

Also, at this point if you count calendar months, we’re down to just 3 left (August, September, October). That’s only 6 paychecks. 3 Fast Sundays. 3 “don’t come back for 5-7 days!”’s. Probably 3 trips to the grocery store (Yes. I am that bad. Don’t judge me.)  3 more paymentnet deadlines, mortgage payments, and rounds of all the bills.

This week his hair has texture and color. I wonder what color it is? Will he have lots of dark hair? Will he be bald?  He’s getting fatter instead of longer now which adds to the “baby” look instead of the “freaky alien child” look. I wonder if he’ll look as creepy as the internet says he will. Or if he’ll be as cute as my nephews always are.

One thing is for sure - the farther along we get in this pregnancy the more excited I get to meet the little guy. 
Today I started to realize that I'm actually having a baby. With such a long wait, and with so many failed attempts, I still have a hard time recognizing that this is real. That in 3 short months I'll be holding this beautiful tiny baby in my arms. Feeling him move around in there makes it more real, and so does the fact that I look like and walk like a pregnant lady.

*I’m pretty sure it’s a bad thing that Josh’s imitation of “walking around like a pregnant lady” looks so much like a waddle already….but it does. I bought maternity clothes and immediately started to waddle. I can’t help it, walking normal would probably take WAY too much effort, but I wouldn’t know, I haven’t tried…. 


  1. You're funny! Just wait until Baby Egbert kicks Josh while you're sleeping! That's funny!

  2. So fun! You're almost to the double digits...which means, ME TOO!

    I'm waddling a bit, too. Ugh. :)

    You really are on the homestretch, though! My favorite part is that you can say "I have three months left" instead of "I am three months along."

    It's a great feeling!

  3. I love it, Amy!! 25 weeks is a big deal. It is so fun to read your experience and reminisce about mine! :)

  4. Wait! October is THAT close? I need costume ideas! Congrats on 25 weeks. You're lookin' cute prego!

  5. So that whole going down a hill theory? SOO true!! Today is July 8th which means one month for me (even though it's really 4 weeks and 3 days) and even though that thought makes me SUPER excited, it kinda freaks me out a little bit too. 25 is a big deal. My dad could probably save your baby if he were born even though he'd be pretty sick. Still good news for the most part right? Don't plan on having him until October though ok? :)

  6. You are so funny. I'm so excited for you. I can't wait until we get to see him. I get to see him, right? I get to influence him too, right? Psst...don't think too much before answering that last statement.

  7. Amy, I always laugh super hard when I read your blog...usually out loud. I had my gallbladder out a couple weeks ago and it hurt so bad to laugh I wouldn't let myself read your blog, because I knew you be hilarious. You are a really talented writer :) Hang in there, you are almost done!


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