Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3am: The Pros & Cons

The thing about 3am is that nobody else is up. Even the ridiculously early risers are still asleep, and even the ridiculous party animals are already in bed.
The only people who are awake at 3am are new mothers, pregnant ladies, and people who work (or live) at the ER. Which is probably a good thing because what do you really need to be awake at 3am for anyway? Nothing.
This morning certainly had its pros and cons.
When Baby Thomas started practicing his Billy Blanks impression Josh was awake enough to care. He finally felt the Baby move for the first time, which got me all excited. However, my tummy started rumbling right after and he said he couldn’t tell the difference between “hungry” and “baby”. That’s OK. I couldn’t tell the difference at first either.
Since nobody is awake and nothing is going on, we got to just talk and enjoy each other’s company. That was nice.
But my favorite thing is that Josh tells me things late at night that he normally wouldn’t bother to tell me. The funny thing is it’s usually important stuff. Like “oh honey, I spent $400 today, OK?” or “by the way, your mom called and your sister had her baby last night” (that didn’t actually happen, did it Kate/Nate?) this time it was “oh yeah….by the way…. I beat Zelda tonight.” This was the moment that I really really woke up. As in jumped up and down on the bed, shouted “waaahoooo!!!!!!!” and told him we needed to party. He thought that 3am was not an appropriate time to party, but I know better.  You should probably know that Zelda has the world’s most annoying sound effects and music (seriously, singing wolves & flutes DO NOT count as “good background noise”). Also you should know that when Josh gets into something he has the ability to totally forget that anything else exists. So for the past 4 months, once he starts, I won’t see him again for hours. HOURS. Because he’s busy “almost beating this level.” Or “getting to a good saving place.” Him beating Zelda is better for our marriage than…..I dunno…..better than getting rid of all our tvs, better than leaving on vacation for a week with no cell phones, better than moving away from the inlaws and being grownups by ourselves, better than ANYTHING. No other Nintendo game has ever made me want to party at 3am. I haven't felt like this since Josh graduated from UCMT I almost think an "I beat Zelda" party would be appropriate.....would you come?
6:00 came mighty early. Aundrea asked if I was sick or tired or both this morning – I always get nervous when those are the first words out of her mouth because it means (although she'd never say it outloud) I look as bad as I feel. *sigh* Tonight will be better.


  1. LOL! I feel ya girl! Jason says the same thing..."I can't save yet." "I've got to find a good saving point." "I've almost beat the boss." "Just a minute."

  2. Don't worry- when you're up at 3 in the morning just remember I am up too--- talking to all the crazies who think it's appropriate to call an airline at 3 in the morning ;)

  3. OK, I asked if you were sick or tired or both. But I did NOT say, "Amy, you look terrible." I didn't even think that.

    Just wanted to set the record straight.

  4. You're right Aundrea. You would never say that, or think that. That's just one reason I love you. Sorry for telling a big fat lie. :)

  5. I was up at 3 and i look sick and tired. :)

    Yay Josh! You should tell them about that accomplishment at your interview!

    Yay baby Thomas with the Billy Banks moves!

  6. That is worth celebrating. Chris once told me that he couldn't pause Halo (on the Xbox) and it was months before I figured out that it was a lie. So at least Josh would try to get to a stopping point. Ü


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