Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mother Nature & I are like "this"

You know how summer is here and we've officially had the longest day of the year and now each day progressively gets shorter and shorter, until that blessed time of the year where snow covers the ground and one could (easily) go days without seeing the sun because it's dark when you go to work and dark when you get home?

Well, my days are getting shorter too. I would've slept until 9 this morning had I be allowed.
I would've gone to bed at 7:30 tonight had I been home.

That, my friends, sounds like a very long 13.5 hour day to me. I think I'm gonna beat Mother Nature to the blessed winter season marked by being awake only long enough to eat happy winter foods and attend a couple of parties.


  1. Amy, you're so great! I'm so there with you!

    In fact, I'm pretty sure pregnancy is synonymous to hibernation. It's cruel to not let pregnant ladies sleep. :) So cruel it should be illegal!

  2. And THEN the baby comes, and you don't sleep at all. For another couple of months. And you'll get a good look at the beautiful snow falling in the middle of the night.

    Good luck! ;)

  3. I feel the same way and I have no excuses! :) BTW, your lesson was great yesterday. I know you worry alot about teaching, but honestly, I look forward to your lessons because they are always so good. Thanks for your effort (and stress!).


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