Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things that grow

Someone once told us that "rich people invest their time/money in things that grow even after hours and during holidays". Then he talked about putting your money where you can earn interest instead of paying it even on Holidays, planting a garden, and raising kids. Josh desperately wants to be rich, so he listened to that guy. We have a CD, a money market account, a growing baby, and this year a bucket-garden.

Last year we were garden-less and even though we gladly mooched from our parents, this year we decided to be grown ups and plant out own garden.

Only we don't have a yard.

So we are experimenting with a "bucket garden".

This is a beautiful piece of our squash bucket. I love it when vegetables flower!

This is the squash-bucket in all it's glory. Yes there are some sad droopy leaves....but overall I think it's doing pretty well...what do you think?

And our champion tomato plant (which is now threatening to take over my pretty little strawberry basket....)

I just love what plants looks like as they're starting new sprouts. I love how bright green the new parts are, and how they're all tiny and squished up waiting for the right moment to lay out their beautiful leaves.
Here's hoping we get some good fruit from our labors (I love fresh tomatoes and yes mom even zucchini). Not that we've put a lot of work into the bucket-garden, but we do water them daily (because they get burned if we don't) and we try to take good care of them. Fortunately bucket-gardens don't come with many weeds - this enhances the gardening experience ten-fold if you ask me. 


  1. Yay for no weeds! Make sure you get new dirt next year so it stays that way.

  2. Wow! Those are looking great!


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