Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Belly Shot - Take 2

This is 27 weeks. 
Yeah, that's right, 27. 
As is "40 minus 27 equals 13".
Yesterday was the 20th. 
As in "T minus 3 months". 
Are you sensing the panic in my voice fingers? (...whatever.)
Can you tell how many things I haven't done?
Are you laughing because you've been waiting for this moment?
Do you think it's funny that I have made zero life decisions about what to do post-baby?
Are you picturing the hilarious blog posts about how I can't handle it?
Are you laughing because you know I have a plant in my living room containing like 10 gallons of dirt....just sitting on my floor looking lovely waiting to prove how baby-unwise I really am?
Can you tell I haven't cleaned the cracks and crevices of my home that I really need to clean?
Do you realize you haven't seen any pictures of the beautiful nursery my child will call home? And did you realize that you haven't seen pictures because it doesn't exist now and probably never will?
Did you remember that Josh still has the "no buying anything big (bigger than a breadbox) in case we move" edict in effect?

On a slightly less hysteric note: I'm slightly prettier than last time, right? Other than the fact that I only have lip gloss on my lower left lip, and my eyes are screaming "I kill you!" I think it's a pretty great picture. Even if I don't get to show off how cute my shower curtain is....


  1. *sigh* I MISS the shower curtain.

    But you do look beautiful.

    And I'm not laughing at you. At all. Ever.


  2. You look fantastic! Baby Thomas has a beautiful mommy :)

  3. All you need is a car seat and bottles (or boobs, whatever applies to you). Everything else you've already got, two loving parents ready (or not) for their baby.

    And you do look beautiful with your baby bump. :)

  4. You look gorgeous! And your eyes did not particularly scream "Achmed" to me, though the comparison gave me a good chuckle. :)

    I know what you mean about not feeling ready! I had a panic moment today and had to write down everything that has to be done before Asher comes...and it's a lot! I'm sure we'll both be fine, though. Good luck!

  5. Oh my goodness you are SOOOOOO adorable!! Look at that nephew bump. SOOOO cute Amy! I am just dieing to pat your tummy. Right now you are feeling grateful that I am not there to do it! Seriously, you look ADORABLE!!!! I love your shirt too. 27 weeks already?! WOW!!

  6. Looking fabulous! And so you know, Ellie's been here for almost 6 weeks now and the nursery still isn't done. And she is just fine! Don't stress b/c there really isn't much that you HAVE to have done before the baby comes.

  7. You look AMAZING! You cutie you! Everything will come together, just breathe (and eat) :-)

    YAY, 3 more months!

  8. I agree with Emily. There really isn't a whole lot that you need for a newborn baby. There's plenty of time to get things done. :)

    But I understand about freaking out, too!

  9. I LOVE the baby bump pic - you look great!!! And, don't worry - we're right there with you...8 weeks left, we don't have a nursery, or a car seat, or a stroller...so at least you've got company as you have your panic moments - I'm right there with ya babe!!!


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