Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eyelashes and more on 28 weeks...

Baby Thomas is growing eyelashes - which will protect his new unfused eyes. Is it just me or does the ability to open your eyes make you more of a real live baby? 

When I was a little girl my Aunt Amy was cutting my hair once (no she's not a stylist, no I didn't have great hair....) and while she was trimming my bangs  she asked if I wanted her to trim my eyelashes since they were sticking out so far. She chuckled to herself at her joke, which I didn't get.

I thought she was serious and I probably would have let her (she wouldn't have done it) if it weren't for the fact that the scissors would be RIGHT IN FRONT OF my eyes and that freaked me out. I'm a chicken.

She didn't trim my eyelashes, but that was the beginning of knowing  had long lashes....come to think of it, they're not that long anymore...maybe she did trim them....

When I was in 5th grade I had an "all about me" book where there are a bunch of different pages all One of blanks to fill in said "I think my best feature is _________" and you were supposed to draw a picture of your face in the big empty box on the page.

I distinctly remember thinking about it (overnight) and trying to find something that I thought was a really good facial feature. I thought for a long time, skipped the page and came back to it later. I finally filled it the blank with "my eyelashes" because it was the only thing I genuinely believed was exceptionally pretty about my face. I hope Thomas inherits my eyelashes and Josh's lack of self-esteem issues.

He's also growing all sorts of boring things....brain cells, neurons, baby fat . But the eyes! Oh the eyes! I already know I'll spend at least 90% of my days trying to sneak a peek at those eyes. And when I see them I already know they'll melt my heart.

In the meantime I'm in my 3rd trimester. What a beautiful thing!

Maybe it's just that I didn't exactly get the "happy, excited, good-feeling phase" promised to accompany the 2nd trimester....but I don't really expect the 3rd trimester to be as bad as it sounds. Maybe I'm a trimester behind and it will all be perfect and sunshine lollipops, disneyland and rainbows from here on out. Maybe all of the 2nd trimester good will show up now? Or maybe it'll be miserable and horrible and I'll be begging you to tear my toenails off and burn me alive just to make it stop. Only time will tell but I expect nothing but good from here on out.


  1. 28 weeks yea! At the nicu they always said they hoped for 28 weeks then you involve all the major problems that accompany prematurity.

  2. I so had to go back and look at my baby pics of Joshua to see if he had eyelashes when he was born (at 28 weeks), he was just barely getting them, I never noticed that before. I feel unobservant.

    Good luck on the 3rd trimester. May it bring you the energy and feel goods that the 2nd trimester forgot.

  3. I had an ALL ABOUT ME book in 5th grade too. Was it small with little doodle things all over it??? I think I need to look for mine... I was quite the character in 5th grade :)

  4. Good luck in the third trimester!!!!!!


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