Monday, December 22, 2008

Nate's hitched.

The wedding oh the wedding!

My baby brother got married this weekend. Yep, that’s right, he got engaged like a month ago and everybody somehow pulled off a beautiful wedding.

The ceremony was fantastic, the bride was blushing (I’ve always wanted to say that….it’s a good thing right? Not like embarrassed or anything? I hope it means like beautiful, and glowing, and stunning, and all that good stuff…if not, that’s not what she was), the groom was handsomer than he’s ever been in his life (and he’s been pretty darn handsome before…), the food was exquisite, and the decorations were stunning.

Now it’s over. I can feel the big sigh of relief that my mom breathed.

It’s weird to me that he’s married. I freaked when he turned 18 because he was an adult then. But he was still in high school which kindof balanced out the “adultness” of being 18. Then I freaked when he moved out to go to college because that’s about as adult as it gets. Then I got married and figured that college kids were still immature (unlike my newly married and VERY mature self). Now he and I are on the same playing field. It’s a little weird to me.

Since we’re 3 years apart, I’ve always been a whole school ahead of him. He was in Elementary when I moved on to Jr. High, and Jr. High when I moved on to high school. We always got along, but he’s always been my kid brother.

He’s also the baby of the family and the last to get married which means no more weddings on my side of the family until Garret. I’ve got a good 10-12 years for that, which pretty much means this is my last “young person” wedding because let’s face it, in 10-12 years, I’m gonna be undeniably old. Probably wrinkly and pushing the whole gray hair thing. Frightening isn’t it?

I'll post the photos later.


  1. Amy- what were you guys doing in Sandy?? I was just off the 2000 E exit on Highland.. is that where you were on Thursday???

  2. 10-12 years you better not have gray hair and be "old"! Because that means I would have to be old...ugh.


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