Friday, December 26, 2008

I dreamt of a white christmas, and I got one!

OK the day after I wrote about being such a grinch  this year I changed my mind. Not that I hadn't already changed my mind of course because somebody did tell me all about having a good attitude. And I did read several blogs explaining the real meaning of Christmas. So, mostly my mind was already changed by the time I wrote that post, but there was just a little tiny part in the corner of my skull thinking "Christmas sucks, and even though I know why I should be happy and thankful, I'm still not loving this, and it makes me grouchy that I don't wanna tell anybody the truth."

Cue the snow.
Sweet, I just said that and got up to see if it's snowing outside and it is. I don't think I cued it, but it is snowing right now, and I said cue the snow, so maybe I'll take credit for this incredible storm.

Once it started to snow, I really did get happier. You know how some people have weather-related depression? I'm pretty sure I have snow-related happiness. I mean it, there's just something about snow, big, thick, heavy snow that makes me feel happy and safe (ironic isn't it?) and cozy and magical and happy (did I mention that already?) and Christmas-y.

I stopped feeling so bah-humbug about everything and actually enjoyed this week! Merry Christmas to me.

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  1. I get the winter depression in January but never in December. I love when it first starts snowing. It's later, when it won't start melting that I have issues with it.


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