Sunday, December 28, 2008

Body Worlds

OK if this is the first time hearing about the BodyWorlds exhibit I would like to know exactly which rock you've been hiding under. Please.

Josh and I were all excited about going when it first got here, but then we heard that there were more things that weren't here yet so we decided to wait a little while so we could see the full exhibit.

Then it was Thanksgiving.
Then it was Christmas.
Then it was yesterday

*Our Sunday School teacher, Brother Johnson, taught us the phrase "it's Friday, then it's Monday. Friday. Monday." today. It means time is going by quickly because you're so old. We're old, so "it's Thanksgiving, then it's Christmas. Thanksgiving. Christmas."

So we went last night.

When you buy tickets, you buy them for a certain time, we picked 7:00 PM, and then showed up half an hour early because we would rather get in earlier if we could. Ha! Little did we know!

The Leonardo (the museum that's hosting BodyWorlds) is very tricky. You come in the main entrance and a nice young woman asks you what time your tickets are for. When you answer, she sends you down the stairs to stand in a line. They pretend it matters what time your ticket is for when they send you down. But after standing in the line for a while, you realize you could've said "3AM" and they'd still send you to the same line. Also before you go down the stairs, you catch a glimpse of a much longer line upstairs and think "Geez! We picked the right time to get tickets for, that line is a lot longer than ours is gonna be." and if you're less righteous than I am, you think "ha ha! suckers! We got a shorter line than you!" but since I'm such a good person, I did not think any such thing.

Then you get downstairs. It's a long line and you start to think "hmmm.....this is a very long line. I'm sure glad we got here half an hour early so we wouldn't have to wait so long to get in."

You stand in the downstairs line for about 45 minutes. Then they let you upstairs (about 10 people at a time). You get to the top of the stairs, and guess what you see? Did you catch the foreshadowing? Yes. That's right. The incredibly long line from the front entrance before you went downstairs. You are now the "suckers" that the people going downstairs are laughing at. Fortunately you can laugh at them louder because you know you're in the last line of the night and they're just starting.

After another half hour in that line you're starting to think "I guess it's a good thing they broke this line into 2 parts, or we might not have stayed." Then at the end of that line, you get to the next line.

You think I'm joking right now, but I'm not. I'm dead serious. At least in line #3 there is a giant skeleton on the wall that you can text stuff to and it has a little word bubble will say whatever you text to it. That was entertaining. Until the 15th time Robby was hot. Then it was boring.

After that line, you advance to what you know will be the last line. Because as you go by they give you a booklet of paper and a tiny pencil to "take notes" or "write down your deep thoughts" on while you go through. That's how you know you're close. Plus at the end of that line, you can see a doorway. So you know you're there. You start to think "thank goodness, we've been in this line for 2 1/2 hours, and already paid $60. If I hadn't invested so much already, I would've left a long time ago and been mad that I didn't see this whole exhibit." At the end of this line, another young lady says "you're about to go in. Here are the rules: 1. don't eat or drink. 2. spit our your gum. 3. don't play with the dead people." I start to relax because now I know we're close.

Through the magical doorway.
Up the stairs.
And we're in!

Another line that is. Seriously.

After a grand total of 3 hours in line. We finally entered the actual exhibit which was incredible.

Worth 3 hours  in line and $60? Questionable. For Josh it was without a doubt. His face lit up like mine did the first time I went to the circus. He's the reason the lady had to tell us not to play with the dead people because it was all he could do to not reach out and pull apart their muscles and put them back together.

In case you haven't seen anything about this exhibit and didn't already google it to see some images, this is the kind of thing we saw.

These are actual people who have donated their bodies and turned plastic.

Of course not everything was a full body plastination, we saw lots of just body parts too.

Like this heart:

And this guy's blood in his face:

We had a really fantastic time, and I was truly amazed at all the stuff in the body.  Since it's a limited time thing, and probably a once-in-a-lifetime (in Utah) display, I highly recommend it. But don't wear heels. And don't plan on spending any less than 5 hours there. If you really look at everything it'll take you 2-3 hours just for the exhibit and it will blow your mind.


  1. Wow, that's crazy. Cam and I went on the first Saturday it was opened and only waited about 10 minutes in line. We thought it was crazy crowded though and thought it would ease up. Guess we were wrong. Also a note to add to you advice: don't take twin babies in a stroller the size of a semi.

    P.S. please email me at I have something I want to tell you.

  2. LOL I love reading your posts.. they are so entertaining. We want to go see this sooo bad. I didn't realize that the lines would be like that though.. hmmm. Glad ya'll had a great time.

  3. Whoa! This is so weird...and cool...and kinda gross...all at the same time. So neat that you got to go!


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