Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to the Fugal house for party of the century. Every time the Fugal's are down from Washington we have a party of the decade, and when you combine it with Christmas you get party of the Century.

We ate, we sang, we opened gifts, we wrote poems, we watched the babies do a nativity (which was terribly cute) and read, and sang, and ate. You think I'm repeating myself, but that really is the order of how things happen. Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I saw that and was immediately convinced that I'm part Greek.Or at least my family is.  'cause Greeks marry Greeks to breed more Greeks, to be loud breeding Greek eaters. Just substitute "mormons" or "Fugals" and you pretty much get the picture.

Anyway the night was fantastic. We were spoiled rotten and got more presents than we could ever need. And we're keeping all of them. 

It's funny because they were given to us and right now you're thinking "why wouldn't you keep all of them? It would be rude not to!" and I'm thinking "We got so much stuff, and so many people didn't get stuff, and it's kindof rude that I'm not sharing!" That just goes to show that I'm a better person than you are. It's OK we can still be friends. Plus you're right. Who really wants my 9x13 pan with "Egbert" engraved on it anyway? Me. That's who.

The best part of course that everybody was there. The Fugals from Washington were here for the wedding, and the new Fugals came home from honeymooning just in time for dinner. (Side note: the new phrase of the year comes from my mom. When giving Wendy (Nate's new wife) her first Fontanini, she said "Wendy Sue Hecker-Fugal may now open her present" or something like that. I told Wendy that I think she should change her name instead of hyphenating it because it sounds like a cuss-word. My baby brother's family is now officially the "Hecker-Fugal" family because we can't turn down a good excuse to say a cuss-word.)

When we left Lindon it was snowing, and all reports I've seen say it never stopped. By the time we hit Murray it was dry as a bone. No rain. No snow. No nothin'. Josh and I came home, finished wrapping presents and went to bed. No traditions. Nothing festive. Just boring us. I'm a little bummed about that.

I'd love to have some traditions of our own, but it seems like all the good ones involve EVERYBODY and the whole family (because it's really all about family) and require kids. Anybody have any Christmas traditions for two? You know when you go to Deseret Book and they have the "cooking for two" cookbook right next to the "cooking for small and large groups (each recipe serves 42 - 68 people)" and you always feel bad for the person who has to buy it because that must be a lonely life? We're that people. And if anybody wants to write a "How to celebrate Christmas for two" book, I'd buy that too.


  1. Well, Chris and I have yet to really have a Christmas for two but maybe next year...

    Hecker-Fugal! I love it. Ü

  2. It sounds like you figured out some great Christmas-for-two traditions :)

    I mean, after reading your Christmas for two post, I'm not sure you need any more help.

    You guys are so cute together. :)


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