Thursday, December 4, 2008

One thing I love about Josh

One thing I love about Josh is......

He’s a massage therapist. A real one. 
Our neighbor came over for a massage last night (Yes he does that professionally, yes out of our house, yes if you’re interested you should call him because he’s dang good and it’s close. Unless you live in Provo, then it isn't that close. But you could still call him if you want.) and as she was leaving she looked at me with her eyes half open (don’t you love the feeling of being half asleep when you walk away from a really good massage?) and said “you are one very lucky woman. David tries, but is no good at this. When you get pregnant, you’re gonna love it even more!”
It’s true. I am one lucky woman. And I know it. And I love that Josh is good at massage because it makes him happy, and it makes me REALLY happy. 


  1. uh, seriously jealous!!! Cam's massages resemble wiping a counter down.

  2. You truly are lucky! What I would give some days!


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