Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goodbye Christmas

Christmas is gone now. Officially. We're done.

Josh was kind enough today to spend a few hours helping me take down Christmas. The lights are down, the tree is out in the snow by our front door, Fontanini is gone, and my living room is a big open space again.

We're hoping to have a birthday party (or 2) for Josh and we need all the space we can get. Plus it's nice to have all that work done before we both go back to "real work".

While we took it all down, I made Josh watch While You Were Sleeping with me. I didn't know it, but he's never seen it before, which in my mind is a tragedy.

I can't believe I brought classic movies into this marriage without knowing he'd never seen them! We have a lot of catching up to do chick flick wise.
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  1. Wow, it is a really good thing that Josh has you. I can't believe that he'd never seen While You Were Sleeping? It's a CLASSIC. I'm glad you're there to introduce him to such important things.

  2. I must admit that I just had to google Fontanini. I feel so much better now, much as Josh must feel after finally seeing WYWS.


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