Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Current Favorite Phrases:

I go in phases of saying certain words or phrases. Josh probably thinks it’s annoying since he hears it all the time. In fact Aundrea probably does too, because she has to listen to me talk for like 8 hours a day….
Right now, the phrases that I find myself saying all the time are:
“Kiss me! I’m a princess.” This is because Josh kept getting mad at me for saying “I’m a frog” and puckering up for a kiss. He always responded “I don’t kiss frogs” so that didn’t last much more than a weekend. What can I say? I’m a sucker for that man’s lips. Too graphic for a public blog? Sorry about that… The princess bit seems to be a pretty good substitute.
“Beautiful!” (Fabulous, fantastic, lovely, and sweet are the words I try to use to mix it up, but they all sound exactly the same anyway.) The best thing about this word is that it can be sarcastic, like “oh, your toilet hasn’t flushed properly for the past 3 weeks? That’s just beautiful, isn’t it?” or meaningfully like “I love your blouse, it’s beautiful.”
(As a side note when I braved the shopping world on Friday, there was this cute little old man with a woman who must have been his daughter. They were standing behind a rack of clothes and he touched every shirt on the whole side saying “and this? And this? And this?” and the ever-patient daughter kept saying “it’s a blouse, it’s a blouse, it’s a blouse” and he’d repeat “BL-OUS-AH, BL-OUS-AH, BL-OUS-AH” before moving on to the next one. If it had happened later in the day I would have been annoyed because they were blocking the aisle with their big fat shopping cart, but it was early so instead I thought it was sweet. “BL-OUS-AH, BL-OUS-AH, BL-OUS-AH”) Blouse is an old lady word, but I use it anyway sometimes. Beautiful isn’t exactly the youngest/hippest word either, so I figure they match.
“Enjoy.” I like to think I say this meaningfully, but I’m afraid I say it so often that it’s no longer meaningful. Every time somebody walks out of this office and tells me where they’re going, I tell them to “enjoy”. Sometimes Mark laughs at me because he’s just told me he’s going to some incredibly long boring meeting, or a dentist appointment. Wouldn’t it be cool if I died and somebody walked up to Josh at my funeral and said “She told me to enjoy my boring meeting, and when I’d been there 2 ½ hours and was incredibly bored, I thought of her saying ‘enjoy’ and I changed my attitude and I did enjoy the rest of my meeting. Amy was a person who truly did enjoy her job and thought the rest of us should do the same.” Yeah. That would be cool. I think I’ll stick with “enjoy” for now.
“Ooooh….he/she is so cute. How old?” This is because everybody I know is having babies. Or they just had one. And every blasted one of those children really is so cute! I told my mom that if somebody I know would start having annoying, ugly, obnoxious children, this whole not having babies thing would be a whole lot easier on me. So far? Not happening. If anybody has pictures of ugly babies - that would really help me out right now….
Honorable Mention goes to the word “poinsettia” because I avoid it at all costs. It’s ugly, and almost as hard for me to say as “rural”.

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