Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One thing I love about... my mother-in-law

I'm starting a new series on the blog, I'm calling it the "one thing I love about..." series. I'm gonna like it. I suggest you do the same.
I have been blessed with incredible in-laws. Sure there are times that I look at my husband’s family and think “What happened here? What kind of people think it’s strange to use a spoon to dish up the jam?!?!” but for the most part, I love them. Every single one of them.

A Christmas (or two) ago Mom-Reilley made this adorable creature for me and I love it. See how cute it is? 
Yeah? Well it’s also a candy dish! I like cute things, and I especially like cute things that hold sweet things  (even though I have only had 1 sugary treat since mid-October, go me!) so this is right up my alley. 

While we're on the topic of cute things that hold sweet things, how adorable is this little one? I love this child, he recently learned to laugh, and he does it very well.

Anyway, I brought the snowman thing to work to put on my desk with candy in it. Everybody keeps walking by saying how cute it is and I love bragging about my incredible mother-in-law. “She made that.” I say. Then their jaws promptly drop and they go “Really?!?! Does she do that?......Like for work?” and I say “Nope, she just does it because she loves me.”

Mom-Reilley sometimes thinks that because she has stayed at home being a mom for so many years, she has zero marketable skills. I think this stands as evidence that her marketable skills exist and are thriving! Don’t you think?  Maybe I’ll tell her she should go into “making cute things” business, cuz she does all kinds of things like this. What can I say? She's amazing.

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  1. That is VERY cute, and amazing that she made that! Plus, that boy is ADORABLE and getting SO big. I can't wait to hear his laugh for myself!


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