Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Car

Josh called and Redbox finally told him that they're going to give him a car. They've been dangling it for a long time and we've been holding off buying a new car because of it. They let him know they were thinking about it - then Josh killed Steve (his old truck). Then they told him that they would make a decision by December 1st. Then they didn't. Then 2 weeks ago they said they'd decide by the first of February. So we've been patiently waiting and sharing a car (which isn't so bad most of the time...) until we know what, if anything, they are going to give him.

Today he called me and told me that they decided to give him one. This is seriously a huge blessing because we've been doing the 1 car thing and trying really hard not to go into debt to buy another car, but really feeling like we need to just do it. I'm tired of sharing rides everywhere, I wish he could go to school and I could go grocery shopping at the same time. I have days that I really feel the need to get out of the office, but I can't because I'm stranded. It's been good for a lot of reasons (not having a car payment being the primary good reason) but it's also been making me crazy. So I'm truly very thankful that they're doing this. Who wouldn't be thankful to get a company car?

He told me it would either be a Dodge Caliber (see below)

Or an HHR. When Josh and I talk I always am in front of my comptuer and often look up things we're talking about as we discus them, so as soon as he said "HHR" I googled it and here is the first picture that popped up.

I laughed. Really hard. I couldn't stop laughing. He laughed at my laugh, then said "they told me that was the sucky car and I should hope for the caliber. What does it look like?" "you have to drive a hurse!" I blurted out as I wiped the tears from my eyes. Oh man, I think it would be HILLARIOUS if he got that car. I will tease him until the day he dies. He laughed too - even thought of opening a hurse business on the side....

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