Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl 2008

I don't really care about football. Josh doesn't really care about football. We do care about an excuse to have our friends over to play games and eat food. :) That's why we're so cool.

When we heard about how horribly snowy it was everywhere last night (my mom called and told us they were praying hard enough that they got church cancelled for the Super Bowl), we bailed on Egbert dinner because we just don't have the money or desire to wreck and fix our car again. So, we called and cancelled (sorry guys, we'll catch you later this month!) and made Jamie and Cameron come to us. The weather wasn't bad in Salt Lake, just down South, so we figured they could come and visit us safely.

We've been working on meal planning at our house, so the last time we went to the store we bought groceries based on specific meals that I planned to make. We did a surprisingly good job, but it means we didn't have a ton of food just hanging around. This is a good thing because it usually just gets wasted. But it was bad because we should have gone shopping again on Saturday, but decided to put it off till today and we had no groceries. Ooops. That meant Sunday dinner was going to be hard to come up with.

Fortunately I have a Bosch, and a few frozen bag dinners from Costco. So, last night it was yummy vegetabley chickeny pasta stuff with homemade breadsticks a salad and cinnamon rolls. You'd never know that just 1 hour before we were both searching our whole house finding NOTHING to eat on fast Sunday. It's a good thing we invited Jamie and Cameron over or we would have had popcorn for dinner. Yes, we're really that pathetic.

They came, we played games (Spades which Jamie and I still win every time, and Attika) and since Cameron likes football we had the game on in the background. I have to say I've never enjoyed football so much! I didn't watch the game, nor did I understand what was happening. BUT I did know what games we were playing, AND Cameron was kind enough to explain to me why we wanted each team to win. (One team would have a perfect season which hasn't happened since 1970-somthing, and the other one meant that the brother of one of the guys on the team that won last year would win - family legacy and all that.) That's one of the good things about Cameron - he really can find good in any situation. "Well, if the red guys win.....But if the blue guys win...... so really either way it's a good thing."

So, our Super Bowl Party 2008 was a good one. Games, food, football that was really just background noise. We might have to make this a tradition. Invite people over, as long as they promise to be more interested in us than the game. :) I think that's fair, right?

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