Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Because We Sing

On Saturday night Josh's Dad and little brother were singing at the assembly hall in this group called "Because We Sing" it was quite the concert. I wish I had pictures of the actual concert, but I didn't take any pictures until afterwards. The concert was awesome, they sang some beautiful songs ("Bring Him Home") some gospel songs ("He ain't heavy he's my brother") and some hilarious songs ("Oompah Loompah"). I really like men's choirs, so it was quite fun for us. PLUS we got to go downtown together, and wander around temple square afterward. I miss it so much - when I lived there we'd walk around on temple square all the time, we'd hang out and look at the beauty of the temple in the nighttime and just enjoy the peace and calm that is there. I sometimes forget how much I love it there, so it's always nice to go back and be reminded.

Josh and I were taking pictures of our faces while we sat looking at the temple. I busted out the camera and he groaned.

"Smile!" I laughed when I saw that we were both sticking out our tongues.

"Fine - don't smile, be a dork" and we both smile.

"K that one was ugly, this time really smile and be serious."

Yeah, there's no hope for us. :) But that's OK, at least we're both dorks and we both love it.

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  1. That green sweater thing you are wearing looks super cute, how come I've never seen it before?


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