Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Winter,

I give in, I'll go do something fun already! I know I've been threatening to do something wintery for the past....4 months when it first snowed. I know I talk big like I love the snow and the winter and playing in it; but rarely take advantage of living in this beautiful season. I know I bought tubes last year and have yet to use them. I know the closest I've come to ice-skating is walking down my driveway (which by the way is pretty dang close!). I know I don't have much longer before spring (and apparently Easter which is right around the corner). And I know if I don't take advantage of this beautiful snow before it's gone, I'll be wishing for it again all too soon. I recognize all of those things, and I promise, this will be the weekend of outdoor fun in the snow.

But please, pretty please, just for me, can you NOT snow on my commute one more day? Please can I drive home more than 2 days in a row without dead traffic lights and cars backed up 10 miles to get on the freeway? Please don't force me to look at any more car accidents and please oh please don't let me be the object of one.

I know it's your job to make it beautiful in Utah from September to April; and you're very good at that, but if you could limit your working hours to 9-4 (hey call it a government job!) and even nights (after 12 and before 6) that would really help me out.

If you can grant these wishes for me, I promise to take advantage of your slippery slopes, your majestic hills, and your icy rinks. I promise to enjoy every second of it, just as long as I make it home safely tonight.

With gratitude, love and respect,


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