Friday, February 8, 2008

Easing into it.

I open a lot of bills during the day. In fact, sometimes I really get bugged at how many bills I have to open and avoid doing it at home because I'm still bugged from work. Once in a while though, it's kindof nice to open a zillion bills and know I don't have to pay even 1 of them.

"$6,495 for landscaping. OK. $5,345 for architectural drawings. OK. $945 power bill?!?!?! OK. $12.32 to South Ogden City, AND they give me this cute little newsleteter about new officials and events going on in the city? Definitely OK."

Today has been a little slow so I glanced through the South Ogden City Newsletter. There was the normal typical stuff. "Snow Removal FAQ's: Why is my street always the last one plowed? How come there's no sand on the road? etc"

Then, on the back page, I saw this picture of an easter bunny. Surrounded by Easter eggs. Wow! It's already Easter time! Maybe it's the fact that it still snows 2 feet every other day, or the fact that I haven't done 1 fun winter outdoor activity yet this season, but I'm just not ready for Easter! I'm shocked. Truly shocked. It had all of these pastel spring-y colors all over it and they looked SO out of place! No snowflakes, Christmas trees, or even heart and cupids! Straight to Easter - they aren't wasting any time this year!

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