Monday, February 11, 2008

Signs I'm getting old.

I seriously think I'm getting old. Here are a few reasons.

1. I hang out with "old friends I went to high school with" and I enjoy it. Josh and I went to hang out with Aubrey Shaw, Courtney Clement and Dan Argyle (and their spouses) on Saturday night. I haven't seen any of these people in at least 2 years, and we had a fantastic time. Just the phrase "friends I went to high school with" sounds like an old person phrase to me. The fact that it's been so long since I saw them made it even older - but also REALLY fun. It's so funny to see who everyone is married, and SOO perfect for each of them! I love it. We played Catch Phrase (which girl rock at by the way) and Loaded Questions which was awesome. You have to answer random questions about yourself, and then 1 person guesses who answered what. Which brings me to reason #2.

2. Asparagus on pizza sounds REALLY good. The question was "what should be a pizza topping?". There were some other funny answers, but someone said asparagus, and I seriously can't get that out of my head. Mmmm. Asparagus, with ham, and peppers and maybe pineapple on half. I seriously can't wait to try it, that's going to be on the menu sometime soon, and I'll report on how fantastic it is. My mom always ate asparagus in the summertime, and it was the ultimate icky-grownup-food to me. Now I love it. I don't have it as often as she did, but just the fact that I like it means I'm old.

3. My knees hurt. Josh and I were walking out of the temple, and all of a sudden my knees like buckled under me. They hurt sooo bad. I made it to the car, but it seriously felt like every time I bent my knees there was bone grinding on bone - which is a bad thing. Anyway, joint pain of any kind automatically makes you old.

4. In church on Sunday I had a really hard time paying attention during Sacrament meeting. I was really fidgety and uncomfortable and couldn't figure out why. When we went to Sunday School I figured out it was because hard chairs are uncomfortable. I used to be a floor sitter, but now I feel like that old person that the young people offer their chair to. That's bad. I'm seriously considering starting to sit on the floor at home (even when there are other options) just to get used to it again. At least then I won't have to be old enough to go to church early to get a seat in the benches - that's ages me like another 10 years!

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  1. Wow...we are old. Thanks for the reminder! When you try that asparagus pizza, you better let me know how it is.


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