Monday, February 4, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a snowflake!

Josh and I both grew up in Utah. We've both lived here for more than 20 years of our lives. We both love to be outside, love the winter, and the snow.

When we were first dating we would go on drives in the canyon all the time. He loved to go up at least twice a month, and I loved it too. It was soo nice to get out and breathe real air and enjoy the beauty. We'd hike and walk and enjoy each other's company. We're terribly romantic like that.

In September we went up and it started to snow while we were there. We drove further and further and it just got better and better. Finally Josh pulled over and I jumped out of the car and nailed him with a snowball before he even knew what had happened. He proceeded to tackle me and white wash my face, but to this day I am very proud of the fact that I threw the first snowball of our relationship. Every season since then, he's gotten me first, but I try to keep up.

We've had some grand adventures in the snow. (pictures coming shortly)

Tubing with Jamie and Cameron.

Building a snowman in our old house.

Going up the canyon to find the first snow of the year (this has become a sort of tradition for us).

So you can say we are good at snow. We like it. It likes us. Makes us happy! You would think we're familiar with the stuff, but this morning I kinda had to wonder.

We started to drive to work, and turned on the Book of Mormon (we've found we're really consistent if we listen to it during the drive in, specific time and place, all that jazz). Josh paused it for a moment.

"Wow. That's a lot of snow." he commented. unpausing.
I paused it. "Yep. Driving in the snow always reminds me of Star Wars - I think this is what it looks like to fly through outer space." Unpause.
Pause. "What?!?!" Patiently waiting.
"This is probably what it's like to fly through outer space." I repeated (is he deaf?) unpause.
Pause. "Why?" I breifly explained my theory based on a really old nintendo game.
"These things look a lot like snowflakes." He observed.
"Really? because they are snowflakes?"
" they look like snowflakes." He's thought a lot about this obviously. Unpause.

I guess I can see where he's coming from - some days the snow doesn't looks like snowflakes but today it sure did. Big beautiful snowflakes. It's just a funny comment that "today they look like snowflakes" when it's been snowing A LOT every other day since Christmas! You'd think we were used to what snowflakes look like now, but we're not. I guess they'd (this is that almighty powerful 'they' I like to use when I'm not really referring to anybody in particular...or maybe it's the weatherman.....I'm not really sure who this 'they' is.) better keep it coming until we know what snoflakes look like.

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