Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's 10am and so far today we've played blocks, legos and clip-ons.

We colored and "drawed" and wrote.

We watched and talked and giggled.

We sorted and stacked and destroyed.

We read and listened and pointed.

We sang and rocked and talked.

We've blown stuff up and raced cars and handcuffed each other with links.

We've been bad guys and good guys, builders and destroyers, and cowboys and indians.

We've played in every room in the house, we've done as many chores as we can handle and we watched the snow pile up outside.

It's only 10am and somehow we have to fill the rest of the day.

There's nowhere else to go, and there's nothing else to do, and my poor brain simply can't handle coming up with something new.

What else do you play with someone whose attention span rivals that of the dog on Up?


  1. There is always something my granddaughter wants to play. I never get tired of the fun and giggles we share.

  2. I remember those days of just having one baby and wanting to pull my hair out from the boredom. I actually think that that is harder than having three kids and being busy all the time.

    And next time you and Josh want to go out to dinner, drop Tommy off at my house first. I love a good staring contest!

  3. i second what marianne said. i think it's easier with more (a little hard the first few months but so worth it).

    you can always come visit us. we're bored too.

    also, know you can drop tommy off any time at my house too. my boys will love him.

  4. Nap time!

    Aren't you glad it's almost spring? At my house, we keep talking about going to the zoo with you and Tommy, it's one of our greatest hopes for this summer.


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