Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Building a Dead Snowman

Well, I can't claim to be a snow-lover and never go out in it. So Tommy and I bundled up and went out to play.

Don't let my hat fool you - it wans't cold. I simply didn't do my hair today. That's OK. You can't tell. 
I don't really know what you're supposed to do when playing in the snow if it isn't tubing or having a snowball fight which caused a bit of a problem today.
I live in what used to be the bottom of a lake. No hills for tubing. 
It's mean for a grownup to snowball fight with a baby. No snowball fight. 

So I decided "we'd" build a snowman. Only Tommy wasn't helpful at all. He just sat around watching me do all the work. Typical.

And when I realized that I could roll a ball bigger than I could lift, I decided a dead snowman was more appropriate for March anyway.

Tommy was thrilled with the whole experience.

But when I let him poke the snowman in the eye, he really was happy. What a strange little boy I have.

Eventually I tore him away and we did some snow-sliding. 

Oddly enough we were the only ones at the park today.

If you had watched Tommy reach up to hold my finger while we both walked snow-pants-ed and straight-legged home, me with a sled carelessly slung over my shoulder, your heart would have melted.

I know because mine did at the mere glimpse of our shadows.


  1. My heart is melting just thinking about it. And, oh yeah, it's also melting because it's WARM today! (Hello, pink jacket. I love you.)

  2. Ahh so sweet, and I love the dead snow man.

  3. You're a good mom. I like the dead snowman. And Tommy is a cute rider on that very cute tube/recliner.


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