Friday, March 11, 2011

The Sissies at the Zoo (Photo Overload)

Sounds like the title of a Bones episode no?

Well, there are no dead bodies in this post.

My brother and his adorable wife came down from Logan to go to the zoo. (Let's hear it for Spring Break!) And sortof randomly Josh was working close by and had a break to come with us. Add that to the exceptionally fine weather we're having and if that isn't a recipe for a super-fantastic day, I don't know what is.

The men in my life were ridiculously happy to see each other.

Taege (sometimes we say it "Tay-Gee" because we're cool like that) couldn't get enough of the pointing and laughing and looking and animal sounds. This kid was born for the zoo. 

Bubbah couldn't get enough of the walking around. He loved it. We were there for at least 3 hours and he walked around for most of it. Sick of winter anyone?

For the first time this year it was warm enough for the elephants to be out (and also the crowds....)
Nate, Wendy & Taege and the big old elephant
Tommy was more interested in the elephants than the camera. Weird.

Me and the back of Bubbah's head.
Some nice lady took a picture of all of us at the Scary-Carousel.
Nate's forehead, Taege, Wendy, Amy, Josh, Tommy's butt.
The brave people picked an animal and got on for the ride.

The sissy-people sat in the grandma chair. Also they are title of the post. So....go us.
Amy & Nate - Nate probably isn't scared of plastic animals who are more than 6" off the ground -  just aware that his child WILL want to get off before the song is over. He gets a pass for being responsible. I have no excuse.
I think Taege would've gone on that thing for the entire 3 hours and never been bored. He really REALLY loved it.
If my mom is reading this, she'll tsk tsk tsk at the next picture because she went to BYU and she knows better than to walk on the grass - or maybe she'd be conflicted because she also grew up on a farm and probably knows about how great it is to chase chickens. Either way, I tsk-tsked and giggled a tiny bit inside when I saw Tommy drag Daddy across the lawn to point at the chickens.

A quick stop checking to see who is most ape-like (Nate!) and we were off to feed our children to the lions.

Taege, Nate & Wendy

Taege & Nate, Tommy & Josh
But my favorite animal of the whole day was this. 

Tommy (and Josh) loved playing with the gigantic rolly-ball. When we grow up and have insane amounts of money to waste on things like this, we'll probably blow it on something else, but every now and again we'll wonder *why we never put one of these in our front yard. Because lookit how fun! 

*The reason is that water features are a pain to maintain. And enormous balls of rock weigh A LOT and any repair or maintenance work on this thing would be so expensive that I can't even think about it. And if we're in the business of blowing money on unnecessary things, I'd rather those things require less work than the necessary things we already have. THAT'S why we'll never put one of these in our yard. 
Maybe we can trick one of the grandma's into tricking one of the grandpa's into doing it. It's probably a really good investment! (pppshhhaawww!)

I'm taking bets - how many zoo-posts before I stop narrating our entire trip and post every photo of the day? Winner can come with us next time and experience it live!


  1. On the water rock ball fountain, my husband always points out to me if we are rich enough for ridiculous things like that we are certainly rich enough to pay someone to maintain it for us. he always says when we are rich he wants x, I always say I don't want to take care of that because it will be me who takes care of it. Then the "rich enough" conversation ensues.

  2. Amy, it is so hard to believe that little one is growing up so fast in front of our blogging eyes. Hes a cutie and I always love your posts. Teeth.... wow! so many tooth fairy nights in the future to see.


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