Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pajama Day part 2

There's a certain kind of freedom that comes with a commitment to wear pajamas all day.

Freedom to eat ice cream for breakfast.
Freedom to catch up on tv instead of cleaning.
Freedom to play very involved games like "I'll lay on the floor reading and you climb on me like I'm a jungle gym but don't get between my eyes and this page" with your kid.

That's why I was so looking forward to Pajama Day: The Rerun.

Only Tommy wrecked it by deciding that today was the perfect day to remind me that he's the boss around here and that some parts of motherhood really stink.

Today was the first (and hopefully only....what? a girl can dream.) "poop diaperless in the crib" experience of my life. Wow. What a pleasure that was.

Clearly that led to hot showers and getting dressed for everyone.

Oh well, there's always next week.


  1. Eew . . . I hope that is the only time you have to experience that. We have had WAY too many poop experiences lately.

  2. PLEASE tell me you read Cathy's blog about poop...because seriously, maybe your kids are meant to be!

  3. Ew. I've still never had that experience. (knock on wood)

    Tommy, just leave the diaper on dude.

    Maybe he's trying to ask you to start potty training? Mwah hahahaha

  4. as in tommy took the diaper off and pooed in the crib? oh dear me.

    that makes me wonder if i ever blogged about cole's poo room, poo rug, poo toys, poo walls, poo on brothers head, poo clothes, poo stuffed animal experience.

    i hope for your sake that is the first and last of that ever!

  5. yikes!! that will ruin pajama day every single time!!

  6. It happened for almost a week straight with Porter once. We put the diaper on backwards and that was the end of it. He couldn't figure out how to get it off.
    Here's to hoping it was a one time thing.


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