Saturday, March 5, 2011


Last week the alarm went off so I would get up and go running with Jess (for the first time in a week....ouch).

But then the phone rang and Jess is the only person who calls at 5:30 in the morning so I answered it. May (her adorably baby girl) was sick and up all night again and she was going back to bed.

So I snoozed the alarm 5 times, then beat it within an inch of its life, and it never went off again. Strange

But when I finally did get up, I had a message from Jess wondering where I was this morning and hoping I was alive. I assured her I was alive and reminded her of our conversation earlier. Which she adamantly denied having.

Dreaming. I was dreaming.

Unfortunately I've had no such dreams this week and have instead had to face the fact that I am SLOW. I feel like maybe I'm starting all over with the running thing because I'm just. so. slow. But that's OK there's a neighborhood 5k coming up, and by then Jess and I will be fast again.


  1. That was a sad day...the first day I got up to join you guys and you never showed...maybe ONE day we can run together! (It really was quite funny though when Jess told me why you didn't show, pretty sure I have done something like that before!)

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  3. This just makes me happy! You girls are awesome getting up so early to run!!

  4. That is a really funny dream. I used to have dreams like that but it was usually I had already taken the test. then i would wake up and still have to study and take it.

    When is the 5K? maybe a deadline is just what I need to get myself moving.

  5. i like your dream. really funny stuff.

    also, i had a dream last night that i went to get the mail for my mother in law (we were in st. george staying at her house), and there was nothing in there. so, this morning i thought i had really checked but luckily i didn't trust myself and went to check again... yep, there was like 25 lbs of mail in the box. :) dreams are crazy.

  6. LOL! It's ok to be slow. I'm the slowest of them all. :) Plus, I think it's great to sleep in!


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