Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Josh and I went to St. George on our honeymoon. In July. St. George, Utah. I know, stupid. But who cares, we were away and we were together so we were happy.

Every day we'd head to the movie theater (they only put the best air conditioners in movie theaters) and spend loads of cash on popcorn and drinks and watch a movie. One of our favorites was Cars.

I cried.

Tommy wanted to watch Cars yesterday so I turned it on, and snuggled up with him on the couch. And by "Tommy wanted to watch Cars" I mean "Mommy wanted to take a nap".

Here's the cool part - I woke up while Lightening and his girlfriend were taking a long slow drive through the countryside. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, that's sortof the grand finale. Big speedy racecar learns to take life slow and falls in love.

So, yeah, I slept through the whole movie, and Tommy snuggled with me through the whole thing too. He might have been sleeping, or he might have been watching I don't really know (or care) because snuggling with my little man to a movie that me and my big man used to snuggle to makes me happy.


  1. haha! st. george in july... you guys must have been crazy. :)

  2. Cars is a favorite at our house..Tommy is a boy too so I am certain he was watching as no little man can sleep through that super cool movie :) Happy napping!


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