Saturday, March 19, 2011


Remember the time my brother-in-law who is a REAL artist made me this beautiful real art? Remember how it's probably my most prized possession and possibly the most beautiful thing in this home? (Minus the adorable man-child who probably the most beautiful thing in the whole world so he's automatically out of the running.)

Well this weekend he invited us to the opening reception to an art show he was invited to be in.

I made him pose for a dorky "by your art" picture because I think it would be a shame if 25 years from now when he's rich and famous he had no evidence of his participation in art shows "back before the big money started rolling in."

I think if you're an artist you're supposed to be proud of the "poor starving artist" time of your life, and what if he had no evidence of that? A cryin' shame. That's what it'd be.

Anyway, if you were wondering if you'd feel more cultured after walking through the Rio Gallery at Gateway Mall. The answer is yes, you probably will.
And if you know Randy you'll be all "hey! I know that guy! I'm famous too!"
And if you don't know Randy you'll be all "whoa, there is some incredible talent on display here."
Either way you'll be glad you went, and so will I.

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  1. Go Randy! That is awesome. And the pictures look amazing.


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