Saturday, August 23, 2008

My un-round kitchen

Josh is like a little boy in a grown up boy's body.

I love that about him most days. Sometimes it's kindof inconvenient, like when we're in church and he can't sit still. But most times it makes me being married to him a lot of fun, like when we're having snow ball fights with the neighbor kids. I think I laugh more with him than I ever have with anybody else in my life.

This morning while Josh was making me french toast for breakfast (he's so great...) he squirted me with the sink squirter outer thing. I was shocked because it's been a long time since we had an indoor water fight. I exercised all the self control I could muster and did not squirt him back, or dump cold water on him, or put an ice cube down his back.

However, I did chase him down and cornered him in the kitchen. There he was, jumping up and down and shrieking giggling like a monkey little boy. Then he looked around and suddenly realized he was cornered. "Oh man! This one doesn't go round and round!" he moaned at the realization.

At my parents house, the kitchen is part of a loop that connects to the other living areas in the house. I'm sure when my parents were building the house, they didn't realize that the loop would become a track. A circle that we'd chase each other around and around, with the chased screaming and crying, and the chaser laughing and shouting threats. I'm sure they had no idea that my future husband would chase the grandkids around that circle for hours at a time all the while shouting "again! again!". I'm sure they didn't envision small children slipping on the kitchen floor and landing face first only to be tackled by the person chasing them and tickling them until they peed their pants or stopped breathing. I'm certain that they never thought the "home-teaching room" would become a wrestling ring; but, because they had kids, that's what happened.

At his parents house there is an island in the middle of the kitchen. It serves the same purpose, it's just a smaller scale, which is worse because when the person doing the chasing decides to pull a change of direction, you only have about 2 steps to react before you're busted.

Our kitchen doesn't have anything of the sort. Once you run in, the person chasing you pretty much wins, you're cornered. There is no track to race around in circles, just a lot of dead ends all over our house. Josh is a chaser by nature, and I think he just barely figured out this fundamental flaw in the layout of our home. I am not a chaser by nature becuase I am always the one being chased, and I ALWAYS lose and wind up being tickled until I cry. I'm sure that Josh is disappointed by this realization, but to me? it means there is no better place for us to live. Seriously. Best. House. Ever.

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