Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm learning

The last time that Josh and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting was the first time I ever had to give the grown up talk in my life. I was totally intimidated, but also kindof excited.

We were lucky and had a very long winded youth speaker. She talked for 25 minutes, and we each only had 10 minutes to give our talks. As I was introducing us, I said how much I loved to hear about all of the hopelessly romantic love stories when people were introducing themselves. What I said next was a bit embarrassing. The way it sounded in my head was: I thought that grown up life was so romantic, being swept off your feet, roses and poems, just like a Disney movie. But instead I found out that you just get married and live life. It's not all roses and poems, and it is happy, but not always hopelessly romantic. What I said was: "Instead of having a hopelessly romantic story to tell. I'm just married to Josh." Everybody laughed, and I kinda laughed too, but it turns out that the guys in Elders Quorum made fun of Josh for it later. Everybody always felt bad for me because I was stuck being married to this un-romantic fellow for all eternity, which couldn't be farther from the truth! Josh is a very romantic guy, and I have some very Disney-like experiences with him, and I'm happy about that.

This time, I wrote out my talk, all of it. Even the introduction, and I'm proud to say that I didn't make fun of my husband at all! I didn't say he wasn't romantic, and I didn't say anything too stupid in my talk. And neither did Josh. I'm feeling like we both did pretty dang good, considering it's only our second try. Maybe by the time we're 900 years old, if we keep moving every 2 years, we'll be really good at this.

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