Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Eve

Some days are just plain good days. I’ve never been much of a birthday celebrator, but this year I have decided to change my ways. I’m celebrating. I’m having parties with every family and with Jamie and Cameron. I’m celebrating with my sisters and I’m making Josh take me out.

Gramma Huggie always says you should celebrate your birthweek instead of your birthday. I’ve never taken it that far, but this year I started using the “but it’s my birthday” excuse – which I’ve never used before – at the beginning of the week.

“Josh, will you get me a drink of water for my birthday?”
“Can I have a birthday kiss?”
“Josh, will you do the dishes for me because it’s my birthday?”
“It’s my birthday, do I have to go to work today?”“Josh, tell me I don’t have to cook tonight for my birthday?”
“Let’s take a nap because it’s my birthday.”

My birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but I’ve been using it all week long, and truthfully, it’s been kinda fun.

This morning when the alarm went off, Josh rolled over, hugged me and whispered “happy birthday eve”. I literally came out of my peaceful slumber smiling. That almost never happens! What better way to start the day! Today is definitely a “today I love you” kind of day and that makes me happy. I think this is going to be a very good birthday year. I’ve already had more fun for my birthday than any other year (with the exception of the engagement, which story shall be told on the morrow) and it hasn't even started yet!

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  1. Yay for birthday week! I'm glad that you're celebrating a lot this year, it always makes things more fun.


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