Friday, April 11, 2008

Best birthday EVER!

This day just keeps getting better and better. We came home from work, walked in the door and this is what I saw. :)

I have a cute couch that matches something! It's beautiful, and SOOO comfy, and pretty trendy if you ask me. I wanted it soo much, and I absolutely knew I wouldn't have it for a long long time and then I came home and it's here! I love love love it!

I have to say that there aren't many husbands who could pull off a surprise couch without me even suspecting a little bit. My husband is amazing and I am the luckiest girl of all time! He's been lying to me all week long - he even pretended that he had to go to school this morning at 8:00 so I had to go to work early, but he was really just meeting his dad to help him bring it home. He called the store in advance and put it on hold and everything. He did some serious planning behind my back, and I don't have a clue how he pulled it off. I'm so glad he did though! Anybody wanna come sit on my couch? I guess we could play some games or watch a movie and stuff too - I just feel the need to have a party to show off my beautiful living room!


  1. I LOVE it!! Way to go Josh! Hapy birthday to you!

  2. That's fantastic--what a big surprise! The couch looks familiar...I think we have the exact same one :)

  3. I bet it's the same, we have good taste - thank you Ashley furniture.

  4. Awesome couch! I'm so jealous! We are in need of a new couch as well. We just bought an entertainment center, but maybe in a few months we'll get a couch.


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