Monday, April 28, 2008

Cookies and Games

I've officially decided I'm a hermit at heart. I'm not outgoing, I don't like making new friends. I like hanging out with people I already know and love, and when I get attached to one person/thing I always have a hard time losing them because I'm scared of making new friends. My favorite days are almost always spent with 1-3 of my very closest friends. And without fail, I ALWAYS love my days where just Josh and I hang out and do whatever we want. Yesterday was a perfect example.

Since Stake Conference is next week we had fast Sunday this week. For the first time in FAR too long we fasted together really well. For some reason it's something we both really struggle with, and we struggle together which makes it more of a struggle. Anyway, this week we talked about it early in the week and somehow remembered to fast the whole day - the right way. It was great. After church we came home a slept (a classic coping tool for fasting) and then we read a book together. My mom gave me "The Wednesday Wars" for my birthday, I read the first 2 pages and decided Josh would really like it, so I suggested we read it together. He let me read him the first chapter and he did like it! Then he fell asleep again.

Once he woke up, we cooked dinner together. Yes, that's right, we cooked together. As in he helped me the ENTIRE time. Not 1 minute of computer games. Not 1 nap or even an extended blink. He stayed in the kitchen with me the ENTIRE time while we invented a new recipe together. It was fantastic and I loved every minute of it. While it was cooking, he even helped me clean up. You should know that the reason this never happens is not because I'm married to a male chauvinist pig, but because he's at school every night while I cook, I don't usually waste our together time cooking when he's not home, AND on Sundays we almost always have a family event to go to.

After we ate our new invention dinner we played games all night long. I lost A LOT. But only because Josh didn't dare play Risk with me. We played Attika, Farkle (and other dice games), learned a whole bunch of new games. I lost A LOT and Josh won a lot. It's funny, I didn't realize that I beat him so much until I lost! (ha ha ha Josh, it's in writing which makes it true! Blog THAT baby!)

In the middle of all the gaming, we made cookies. When we first moved in Dr. Dave and his family brought us cookies and they were the SOFTEST chocolate chip cookies I've ever eaten in my entire life. Seriously, EVER. And I've eaten a lot of chocolate chip cookies. So, I asked for the recipe and finally tried them out on Sunday. Oh man! Those are some GOOOOOD cookies. This is my new favorite chocolate chip recipe. The best part is that it only makes 1 doz (after Josh eats half of the cookie dough) so I don't have to bake all day long. Seriously, GOOD recipe from Dr. Dave's wife! Thank you!


  1. Could you please pass on that yummy recipe?!

  2. Sounds so fun! And I most definitely need to get that chocolate chip cookie recipe!


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