Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I love the snow. It really makes me happy. I think one of the reasons I love Spring so much is that it’s so unpredictable. That means a few good things for me, (1) I don’t HAVE to have a full wardrobe for warm weather and a whole wardrobe for cool weather. If I have half of each, in the spring time it’s OK. Yesterday I wore my summeriest (it’s a word according to Egbert’s Dictionary of Cool Words) clothes. Today, I can wear a turtleneck and nobody even looks at me weird because it suits the weather

Yesterday Josh brought me a picnic lunch to work (he loves me and I’m spoiled rotten) and ate with me at the park. After eating we just sat on the blanket and watched kids play at the park. We both dozed a little and enjoyed the beautiful spring day (80 degrees outside with a blue sky, green grass, and the sun shining) and the cool breeze. I even got a little pink, first sun-color (it doesn’t quite count as a sun-burn) of the season for me!

Today I’m sitting at my desk watching snowflakes the size of quarters fall on the daffodils. It’s starting to pile up on the grass and I can’t see past the house across the street. I’m seriously considering building a snowman tonight.

Yesterday when I got home from work, our house was 78 degrees and I seriously considered turning on the a/c but opted for opening the windows instead. We slept with the windows open all night long, and we were still too hot.

Today I’m literally going to go home and curl up in a blanket just to try to keep warm. I’m hoping we remembered to turn the heat back on so nothing freezes in the house. I can’t wait to pull on my sweat pants and a hoodie and curl up with a good book. Mmmmm I love both kinds of weather and I love Springtime in Utah for giving me both!

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