Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Book Group

Tonight I went to book group for the 2nd time in the new ward, AND for the 2nd time I REALLY enjoyed myself. We had read and were discussing The Chosen which was quite interesting. One person brought questions to discuss (from an online printout) which proved to be rather interesting. We talked about the female roles (or lack thereof) and about raising a child in silence.

It was interesting to hear the many discussions about the allegedly abusive practice of raising a child in silence. While I personally believe in open honest discussion and talking about feelings and stuff, I can see why they might have thought it was worthwhile to never speak a word. They learned it from their fathers and had every intention of passing it down because of the crucial things they learned from it. Anyway, the discussion was great, the people are fantastic, I seriously had a lot of fun.

We decided that this month’s book is Hattie Big Sky (thanks mom for providing it!) and I’m excited/nervous to see how everybody likes it because it was my suggestion. I loved it, my mom loved it, my sisters loved it, it’s kinda fluffy, I just hope our book group loves it. I guess we’ll see....

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