Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1,120 hours

The good news of the day today is that in exactly 1 month, 16 days, 16 hours, 3 minutes, 32 seconds that's 46 days, 16 hours, 3 minutes and 32 seconds or 4,032,212 seconds, 67,203 minutes, 1120 hours, 6 weeks Josh will officially be finished with school.

His last class is Thursday the 24th of May and he has his final clinic assignment on Saturday the 26th.

In some ways this year has flown by - like it kinda surprises me that we really already survived almost a whole year of not seeing each other more than a couple hours a day (during which we're getting ready for bed or ready for the day) with the exception of Sundays. I've gotten used to my week nights alone (sad but true) and I can't believe it's already over!

In other ways this year has absolutely dragged on. I can't even remember what we did before school. When we first started to discuss the possibility of night school, it sounded insane and I won't say it hasn't been hard. More for Josh than me I think. He has absolutely zero spare time, and since Saturday clinic started in November, he literally doesn't have a day off. He works all day M-F, comes home for "dinner" which usually includes very little food - more things like popcorn or chips & salsa. He heads out to school and comes home just in time to fall asleep. Weekends he gets up early, goes to school and finishes up his route with work. I can't imagine how excited he is to be done. And I can't express how excited I am to get my husband back. I miss him, and I'm thrilled to have time to hang out with him. We'll be able to barbecue - eat dinner together (before 11 pm), play games, make friends on weekdays, watch movies together, go on walks/hikes together, picnics.

Last summer was LOOONG to say the least. We had too few vacations, dates, and nights with our friends. This summer will be fantastic. Although Jamie and Cameron are moving :'( we'll have free weeknights. We'll get to hang out with our family. We have camping trips planned starting in June and going through the end of August. We'll get to swim in our community pool, camp less than 10 minutes away, play games with our neighbors and family, go on a cruise to Alaska and stop paying $$ to school. This will be our free summer and I can't wait!

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  1. Yay! That is so exciting. It sounds like you have a fun summer to look forward to, too.


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