Thursday, July 26, 2007


Sigh. Josh called on his way home last night and he was all sorts of excited because his massage table finally came! Yes, that's right, we have a massage table in our living room. Last night was HILARIOUS because he called all excited, then I'm sitting there trying to get my work stuff finished so I'll be ready for him when he comes home, and I hear the doorbell ring. Given that it's 11:00 at night, I went to the back door hoping it was just him, but a little freaked out. He's out there half in the back seat of the car: "Help!" The muffled voice coming from behind the biggest box I've ever seen. I have no clue how he got that thing in there - turns out massage tables are kinda big. So, we pushed, and pulled, and it didn't fit. We lifted and turned, and it didn't fit, somehow he put the thing in there all by himself without a problem, but with the two of us no matter what we tried we couldn't get it back out. I almost suggested removing the car door because it looked like the only option for a while there. Finally, we both stopped pushing and looked at the situation, I almost laughed out loud, there we are in the pitch black in the middle of the night trying to get this thing out of the back seat of my little car. "Turn it this way!" "Can you lift up on your end?" "the roof is taller in here!" "I can't get it out!" "It's stuck on the stick." I'm sure we looked and sounded really cool. Finally it occurred to us to take it to the front seat. If we pushed it as far back as possible, we could lean the seats back and lift it over the seats to try from the front doors. So, we put the seats back, and try to lift it over, but the box it too thick. So it's wedged between the head rest and the back of the backseat. Josh had already suggested taking the headrests off, I quickly shot that down, but after seeing that it got wedged, we had to do just that. Up went the seats, off went the headrests, over went the box, and then we squished it out the front doors. What a pain! But well worth it. We rearranged all the furniture in our front room, the kitchen table blocking the front door. Set up the massage table, and Josh showed me everything he learned. I might be a little biased, and I've never had a massage before, but oh my goodness, I'm pretty sure that's all anybody does in heaven. That was truly a fantastic feeling. I still felt like putty this morning and wasn't really willing to get up. :) Well worth the half hour that it took to get the thing out of the car. :)

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  1. I am sooooo jealous of your tabel and your husband's ability to give you a nice massage. It's about dang time he gave you one though ;) But like I said, if he ever needs to practice on a pregnant lady I would be more than willing to let him practice on me ;)


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