Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I was sitting here anxiously awaiting my husbands arrival when I started to hear thunder outside, I looked outside and it was kindof blowy, but not exceptionally stormy. I couldn't figure out what was happening for about an hour, when I finally stuck my head outside and realized it was the neighbors doing fireworks. I couldn't see them, but I'd hear the crackle of the fireworks followed by the excited squealing of the kids. They all laughed and giggles and screeched with joy. It was the kind of moment when you just can't figure out why the background song isn't coming on and the zoom lense doesn't focus in on the mom smiling because you know the whole scene is straight out of a movie. Those moments when you know everyone is happy and everyone is getting along - I love those movie-moments.

A little while later there was a flash out the window, and I saw big fireworks! Apparently the high school right by my house was doing fireworks on the 3rd instead of the 4th and I got to sit on my couch and watch them all. I don't even like fireworks most of the time, but last night it was a beautifully relaxing experience to just sit and watch them from my window. It's too bad Josh wasn't home to watch with me.

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