Friday, July 6, 2007

blog blog blog

I have this really cool friend named Jamie. She figured out how to add music to a blog, and then since she gets bored at work, I made her look into adding tetris. That's right, the moment I've been waiting for has arrived! I have TETRIS ON MY BLOG! The cool part is that it's ON MY BLOG like it's not just a link, the whole game is on my blog. Yep, I love this cool internet thing. Now I can listen to my FREE playlist of my favorite music of the day, WHILE I play tetris. That's pretty dang cool.

She also added a counter to hers, so it counts how many hits there are, and that made me feel pretty cool, turns out between me and Jamie, we look at this blog like 100 times a week. :) Yep, blogging is rad.

I had some trouble uploading the 4th of July pictures, but they are on my photobucket site (see the link on the Right sidebar) and some of them are FREAKING CUTE! I have cute cousins, that's what I learned this holiday. Now, I'm off to rock the tetris game.....if only I had a massage chair.....

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  1. HAHA, That's my favorite blog ever. :) You make me laugh :) We rock!


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