Friday, July 27, 2007

Ahhh.....the rain

What an INCREDIBLE storm! Last night seemed really great to me. I felt more productive than I have in a long time, which is always a plus. When I got home, Nate (little brother) was already there, so he and I talked while I did the dishes and he played nintendo. Then I talked to Josh and he was on his way home, so I started making him some food to eat. The best part about that is that I got to pick more cucumbers and peppers from my garden! I feel like a real live grown up, it was great. So, I was a good wife, made dinner, did dishes, started the laundry, watered the lawn, and all that before he even left for school. :) It was nice. After everyone left and I was on my own, I did a couple more things around the house, and most importantly talked to my mom. She called and left a message saying she hadn't heard from me in forever, which is true, so I called her back and we had a great talk. She even reminded me that I can just freeze all of my extra peppers (cuz I'm gonna have a ton).

I went to my missionary meeting and nobody even yelled at me! Yay! Apparently we got a new Elder, and I hadn't even met him. It was a good meeting, but I was mostly just relieved that I didn't get in trouble at all. Whew! Those missionaries are nice. But my favorite part of the night was the rain.

Oh man did it rain! I got home and it smelled a little like rain, and I went inside and started to read Harry Potter (I'm re-reading book 6 before I read the new one). I cuddled up in my cuddle chair, under the perfect reading lamp, with a blanket. And listened to the rain, saw the lightening and heard the thunder while I read. It was SOO perfect! The only thing that could have made it better would be if it was cold enough for hot chocolate. mmmm. At one point, the thunder was so loud that it literally shook my house. I heard plates rattling in the cupboards. It was incredible. The coolest part about that is that it didn't really sound loud, it was this low rumble, but it was BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE rain like that. I'm sure it was also very destructive and stuff, but I love it anyway. This morning my lawn was green and the plants didn't look too beat up, so I'm happy.

What a great night!

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