Monday, July 9, 2007

"sugar sugar.......honey honey"

Wow. What a weekend.

On Saturday we had some Redbox to do, so we got it done, then went to see Transformers. Just in case you were wondering, it's a really cool movie. But it was the first time EVER that Josh was 100% enthralled with the whole thing and I was like "yeah, that's cool" but not head over heels in love with the thing. It was a weird feeling. Normally, I'm the one who loves the movie and he gets bored halfway through. Anyway, I can appreciate the crazy-love other people feel for it, it was really cool, but I'm not on some kind of crazy high because of it, weird.

After the movie we retrieved my purse (yay!) and headed down to Pleasant Grove to see Randy and Katy's new apartment. It's SOO great, and I'm so happy for them. It made me a little jealous because it's really theirs, everything in the home is theirs and they get to decorate how they want, and it's really their very own space. They aren't using other people's stuff. Anyway, it's way cute, and there is tons of room, and we had a blast. We played Risk after Randy got home and I really did have a good time. Maybe I don't really hate that game and I just hate the idea of it. Anyway, we had a good time. And we played games pretty much all night long. We didn't get home until like 1:30 in the morning, blah.

Sunday was our first Sunday in our ward in like a month and a half, it's weird but I was totally nervous to go back, I figured everyone thought we were inactive, but it turns out I don't think they even noticed. :) It's funny how important you think you are until you notice you're not that big of a deal to anyone but you. Funny. Anyway, after church on Sunday we went over to the Reilley's, which is always an adventure. We had dinner and played games all night long. It was great again. We even played scrabble - another game I thought I hated, but it was OK. It's still not my favorite, but we played anyway and it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.

The FUNNIEST part of Sunday was Braden, Josh's little brother. He cracks me up, he's 12 years old and a sweet kid. Anyway, Josh always calls me "sugar" not sure when that started or why, but he does it all the time. Apparently Braden hasn't learned the difference between a nickname and a petname. We're playing cards, and we ask who's turn it is. Without even batting an eye he says "it's sugar's turn!" I was SHOCKED. It sounded SOOO funny to be called sugar by my 12 year old brother in law. I thought I was going to die laughing. Anyway, he didn't miss a beat and we just kept playing the game, but it made me think about the stuff we say and what kids learn. Later on Josh burped (a rare thing for him because his stomache is tied up in knots) and I looked at him pretending to be disgusted. The conversation went like this:
Josh: "braaghuuuuhhhhh" (I don't really know how to spell the nosie of a burp, but that's my guess.)
Me: "Who taught you to do that?" (in an obviously pretend disgusted voice)
Braden: "Meg-"
Mom: "It certainly wasn't me."
Braden: Thinking pause........"wait, did you just burp? Yeah. It was Megan."
That kid makes me laugh every time we go over there. He's a sweetheart.

It turned out to be a good weekend, nothing big or exciting, but a good weekend anyway.

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