Monday, June 25, 2007

Fugals & Hair dye

Funny story:
I have brown hair, I've always had brown hair, and about a year ago I was brave enough to highlight my hair, one thing lead to another and before long I was totally blond. (Stupid super cuts). Josh like blond hair, I like highlighted hair and I REALLY like not having to get my hair done cuz it grows out. So, Josh deals with it when it's ugly. So, last time I got it cut, I didn't do the highlights again cuz it's WAY too expensive and that's a pain. SO I finally decided it was time to switch to a grocery store dye, or nothing at all. While we were at Walmart, I got a highlighter kit thing and decided I'd see if my sisters would do it on Sunday while we were all there. So, we're playing cards, and I put the cap thing on and I've got Sarah and BreAnne pulling my hair out of the little holes in the cap. It didn't hurt that bad except once in a while they'd stab me with the pin they were using. I secretly think Sarah thoroughly enjoyed it. When we were little she used to do my hair and when I'd whine cuz it hurt she'd say "it hurts to be beautiful!" she did that again, it was like a flashback to when I was 7 years old and couldn't handle the pigtails....ouch.

When everyone saw how much leftover highlighting stuff there was (and there was a LOT) they wanted to play too. It started with Randy, he kept talking about how nothing EVER colors his hair, and it just doesn't work, so we put tips on his, then I was teasing Josh about how we could do him too if he wanted, and he said OK (I'm pretty sure he figured he'd just given himself a buzz, so he may as well have a blond buzz), so we did, then we teased Nate, cuz "everyone was doing it" so he did too. Of course Garret wanted in on the action, so he got in line and we did him too. That was fun. So while all of the boys were "processing" I made them let me take the picture.
Garret didn't do very well at sitting still, so he took a lot of pictures of everybody else. Including mom, who was not amused. :)

Clint and dad were the only ones who got away, Sarah started doing Katy's and we all turned out with really cute hair actually.It was a pretty funny night though. I never would have thought that my family would bond over hair dye. :) I'm sure it's everything Garret ever would have wanted for his birthday party. More pictures at:
Good times.....

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  1. Lol, that is awesome! You should have gotten a picture when everyone's was done. :)


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