Thursday, June 14, 2007

You win some you lose some

I have a new niece! My oldest brother Spencer and his wife Emily delivered their beautiful baby earlier this week and I'm SO excited for them. And excited for me. They named her Anna Kaye. I like it. I love the name Anna, but Emily said it was OK if we both had daughters named Anna - whew! Thank goodness. Anyway, that makes 3 kids for them and I'm happy for them. It's kindof a bummer that they live so far away, but someday I'm sure we'll get to see her. It's weird to have relatives you've never even seen before though - that's new for me. I guess I'd better get used to it. Anyway, here's a cute picture of my cute new niece.

The same day that Anna was born, grandpa Godfrey died. That's a really weird thing for me, it's weird what death does to you. It makes me think a lot. Josh and I went up to see him on Sunday, which was good, I'm glad we went. He was awake for a little while and we talked to him, I'm still reading his biography that uncle Kenneth wrote, and still enjoying it. It's funny to me to see him as a real live normal person. He had a great long life, and my mom says she's happy that it was so quick and relatively painless. So I guess that's good - it's still hard to lose someone though. When we saw him I was SHOCKED at how sick he looked. His pants were WAY too big for him and mom said he hadn't really eaten real food since memorial day. I've never seen him as old or sick, just as Grandpa. Since he's always been so capable, it was weird to see him need help for everything. But, he's in a better place now, which is good.

Last night me and Jamie attempted sewing. That's funny and I don't care who you are. We were going to sew some blankets, but we were practicing on the scraps first. So we spent like half an hour just threading the machine, and she has this real cool needle threader piece on her machine so you don't have to try to get the thread through the eye of the needle, it just does it for you. That's cool. We figured out how to use the cool stitches and make them cute and stuff, so that was a good discovery. After she practiced for a while, she let me practice, and I suck at sewing. That's what I learned. Wow, it should be pretty simple, straight lines and all, but it wasn't, I struggled. Somehow I got the thread stuck down below the foot/feeder plate thing, and it made a big fat knot under there. We couldn't get it out and wound up having to cut the fabric (thank goodness it was scrap material) and pulling it out the bottom. Yeah, that sucked. I'm pretty sure I'm cursed as far as sewing goes. Fortunately, Jamie is NOT cursed and she will have a VERY cute blanket someday. It has taken us a long time to get it ready for sewing, but I think it's ready now. So that's good. Yay for Jamie's blanket!

Josh came home from school last night all sorts of relaxed and happy, he's funny. He had his actually massage class last night, which means that he got a free massage, and he liked it. He said it about put him to sleep, which is always a good sign for the person doing the massage. Anyway, I think he likes school, and that's good. Someday I'll learn how to like it too - but now I'm still just sad that I don't get to spend much time with him. He's nice and understanding and supportive and all that, but it doesn't mean I see him more. But, at least we have weekends. Can't complain about that.


  1. HaHa, you are NOT cursed at sewing, you just don't have as much practice as I do. And by the time these blankets are done you will be a pro! :)(I am going to make you sew more, I'm not going to do ALL the work)

  2. your niece is too cute!! sewing is fun once you get it down! lol :)


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