Monday, June 4, 2007

Bolo-toss-ladder game

Yesterday we went to Josh's parents house to have dinner cuz they were going to have a big fat bbq and stuff. The bbq part was cancelled and we had yummy crock pot food instead, BUT while we were there, we had some fun times.

Josh's dad built this game thing, and it looks like this. The ladder part of it is PVC pipe, and the hanging things are 2 golf balls on the ends of a rope/string that is about a foot long. You have 2 of the stand things, and you put them far apart from each other, then you take turns throwing the rope/golf balls at the stand. You get 3 points if you make 'em stick to the top rung, 2 for the middle, & 1 for the bottom rung. Turns out it's really hard. The worst part is that you have to get EXACTLY 21 points. If you go over, you start back at 11 points. It's crazy. Anyway, we played that for a long time, and we hung out and ate REAL good food.

While we were all sitting around and talking, Josh's aunt (who is only 2 years older than Josh) asked when we were gonna finally have kids. So, there I am, with his 2 aunts, and his mom, and he's outside so he can't defend me! Yep, that was fun. :) I told them we weren't sure yet, but that we're kinda thinking about it. I remembered how great of a gramma his mom is going to be. She was so cute with the other kids there, and she really can't wait to have grandkids. She's cute. I made the mistake of saying that I think we want to wait until Josh is done with school, and she said that she has a quote about how if you put your family on hold for school you'll get cursed and have problems later in life. We got a little lectured, but nothing I can't handle, cuz I'm tough. :)

Dad-Reilley was talking about this really big pig thing that some little kid killed. And I wasn't quite appreciating the size of the thing. They said it was 12 feet tall on it's side. It was like 9'4" from nose to tail and it weighed like 1,094 pounds. I still wasn't properly appreciating the size of the thing, so Josh's dad made me go upstairs and look at the picture.

So, this 11 year old kid shot this thing with a pistol. That's pretty sick if you ask me. But holy cow! Look at the size of that thing! Like he could have missed, there's no way that thing could run or hide! :) I mean, I could have shot that..... how hard can it be? Here's the article, I like th part where they think they're gonna turn the thing into a LOT of sausage. Can you imagine/ that's gross. Anyway, here's a link to the story, in case you're bored.

Anyway, I guess it's back to a normal week. I found out that the mormons will monopolize my week, so I probably won't get too bored without Josh! Yay for that! :)

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  1. That game looks fun but intense, lol. And oh man! I am going to be haunted by that wild boar monster thingy!!!! That is creepy to know that those things get that big. What on earth did it eat??


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