Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rainy Days & Weekends...

OK, I know the song is "rainy days and mondays always get me down" but in real life, I like rainy days and weekends. Last night was long and boring and I was TERRIBLY disappointed with the stupid TV shows. But, I survived, Josh came home, and we had a good time. He doesn't normally have school on Friday nights, but he had to make up for the Monday holiday and I was lonely. :)

Today however, has been awesome! I woke up at the same time as Josh, which is fun and happens very rarely. I challenged him to a rousing game of Super Smash Brothers, in which I kicked his trash. :) I still like that he lets me win a little, it's more fun that way cuz otherwise I die too soon. We hung out, made breakfast (waffles for me, pancakes for him) and started to get ready. Josh mowed the lawn, I cleaned a little, and then I cut his hair. I still need some practice, but I must say I'm getting pretty good. Then we had this brilliant idea about a bbq and how we should invite our families to see if they would come play (I couldn't get in touch with Jamie & Cameron and we don't really like/know anyone else. Sad, but true.) We called my family and they were in. So, we went shopping, redboxing, and prepared for the feast. That was some GOOD GRUB!!! My family played badminton, which is fun and funny. You should see Nate swingin' both arms around with "whacker sticks" flailing. That'll make you laugh. My mom even said she liked my garden and she's proud of me, which is always fun for me. I like it when she's impressed, it makes me feel good.

Ryann Elise (Katy's baby girl) is SOO funny! She just found her voice box and she loves to growl. Katy is funny because she narrates what the baby is saying and here's how it goes:

Gramma: "Ryann, look at me" (all baby voice)

Ryann (played by Katy): "Gramma, I am a wild thing! I never do what I'm told"

Ryann (played by Ryann): "arghghgh garble garble garble raaahhhhrrrrr!"

Yep, she is one cute kid. :) This is a picture of Gramma growling at her. :)

Earlier in the week I went to lunch with Jamie, cuz that's what I do best. And I saw the PRETTIEST flowers on temple square. I have no clue what they're called, but check out the pattern on their insides! They were beautiful and there were tons of them. Anyway, I thought it was cool and I liked it.

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  1. That sounds like TONS of fun :) Looks like you had a good time, yay for good times!


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