Sunday, June 24, 2007


Saturday night was STRAWBERRY DAYS! Yes, that's right, the best time of the year. Josh and I went to Provo for Spencer's (one if his bestest friends) birthday party, so we decided that we'd spend the night there for Platt's welcome home thing. So, since we'd be there AND it was Strawberry Days, we went to the Rodeo!

First we went to the pool, which was really fun. Turns out that it's expensive if you don't have a pass, and we were only there for like an hour so we could go to the rodeo, but we went on the slides, we swam a couple of laps, went on the diving board and EVERYTHING. It seriously was fun, I miss doing that all day every day in the summertime. Josh doesn't even like swimming, but he's nice and went with me anyway, which I was thankful for. He's fun to do stuff with, even if he doesn't like it - that's a good quality I love in him. ANYWAY, after the pool, it was RODEO TIME!!!

We raced home and hurried to get ready, earlier in the day we bought cowboy hats at walmart, cuz I'm cool and I wanted them, and I think Josh looks good like a cowboy.
So, we ran home, showered and got ready (with cowboy hats) and went with Nate and BreAnne (Nate's girlfriend) to the rodeo. That's good times. We didn't get there until like 8, and that's when it starts, and the place was PACKED. 10,000 people there! That's a lot of rodeo goers, especially considering that the population of Pleasant Grove is only like 27,000 people - most of them were at the rodeo on Saturday. :) Anyway, there were ZERO seats available, and certainly not 4 together, so we wandered for a little while and then ran into Aunt Pam and her cute girls!
She had GREAT seats, and let us sit by her, which was awesome. We were squished, but we made room, and that was good. I remembered just how much I like her, she's so friendly and easy going. So loving and easy to get along with, I hope I can grow up to be the cool aunt like her. She's awesome. She said she had to work the night before and probably hadn't slept in like 3 days, but there she is at the rodeo, smiling and happy and loving it. She's amazing.
The rodeo was TONS of fun. We saw bull riding, and cow milking, and roping of all kinds, I won't lie, I got a little nervous about people ripping off the animals heads, but everyone assured me it's OK. :) I'll get over it, but I still prefer barrel races instead. The halftime show was this one-armed bandit dude. He was cool, he rode a horse with no hands, and made some other horses do some cool stuff. The coolest part was when he rode the horse up on TOP of the trailer (like way high in the air) and then STOOD on the horse's back, with no hands! The scariest part was after he was standing on the horse that high in the air, he dropped straight down to sit on the saddle. I seriously don't think he'll ever be able to have kids. Anyway, it was cool - but Nate was protecting my camera from me losing it and had gone to get everyone strawberries & cream (sooooo good!!!) so I didn't get any pictures. The guy was rad. Anyway, I learned a lot about rodeos, and we saw some WAY cool stuff. Plus we got to wear our cowboy hats, we're cute. :)

Good times at the Rodeo.

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