Thursday, June 7, 2007

I shouldn't have complained about being busy...

Yep, that came RIGHT back to bite me in the butt. :) It's been a crazy week. Stuff going on pretty much every day, which is nice in a lot of ways. Seems like a lot of work lately - I think that's a good thing. Today Kim and I went to work with Teresa (she used to work with us) and we had a blast, only problem was that we were gone for 2 HOURS!!! So, I didn't really notice that we were gone that long until we got back, and I have tons to still do. I guess it'll have to wait. We had a good time, but I find myself bashing Gabe the more we talk. I really think he's a great guy, but I don't know that he's on my top 10 list of people I admire, you know? So, the more I talk to Kim, the more disappointed I am with Gabe, and that's probably a bad thing, but it's good that he's leaving. That will be good for all involved. We also keep talking about how David gets weirder and weirder. He's a funny man. He read some mystery crazy survival book and now he thinks he needs steel doors to his bedroom and bullet proof walls. He also wants to turn our storage room into a "secret hidden food storage room". He hides it with a bookshelf that has a special button and that way no one will come in and steal your food storage. I think it's funny because we're in Utah, and I think most people have food storage, and if they don't they aren't gonna steal it from him. Anyway, he's funny.

Josh has been in school all week and I've been doing a whole lot of working after work. I went to lunch with Jamie on Monday and this nice lady in the cafeteria that Jamie always talks to about 24 was saying that she's sad it's over. BUT, it's OK because she's now addicted to reading James Patterson books. So, the other night I went to Walmart for a couple of things and decided to get a James Patterson book. I trust people that Jamie trust, I think it'll be fun. Fortunately Jamie has been willing to hang out with me sometimes and I've been going to my institute class, both of which are good things.

Tuesday at institute we had some interesting topics. I was talking to Matt about the devil and if he's necessary to the plan. Turns out I don't think he is. Interesting stuff either way. Matt always puts and interesting perspective on things. We also talked about talking to your kids. Our teacher was saying that his wife is very blunt with his kids and he likes it. One of their kids had a stealing problem (young kid) and they were so scared because their kid was a cleptomaniac. So they'd go to their cousin's house and come home with new toys. Finally one time this little girl stole something at Walmart and the mom freaked out and said that she refused to have a clepto-daughter and marched her to the police station and made the policeman talk to her about stealing. He whipped out his handcuffs and told the little girl that he puts people who steal in jail. The girl never stole again. :) That's a funny story. Anyway, it started this whole discussion about talking to your kids and how honest to be with them. It's an interesting topic for sure. Matt is all for brutal honesty at a young age and thinks he won't ever tell them that Santa Clause is real. He doesn't want to ever lie to his kids, which I think is a good point - but a little extreme. I still can't decide how I feel about. Actually I know how I feel about it now, but I know I'd change my mind in the middle of the situation. I just hope that I can do what is right and that it will be best for me and my kids. That's all. Crazy though, huh?

Anyway, things here are pretty much the same old same old. Josh said we won a free trip, but it's the kind you have to listen to a presentation to get I think. We'll see if we actually get it. I like free stuff. Maybe we'll do something fun for our anniversary. I sure hope so.

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