Friday, June 1, 2007

Not bored

Well, I was so worried about being bored during Josh's school this week, that I way over-planned myself and I am DEFINITELY NOT bored! :)

Work has been crazy because on Wednesday morning Kim's mother-in-law died. She was really sick for a long time, and they knew she would, but it's still sad and hard for her. So, I've been trying to fill in for her at work, and that's a hard thing to do. So, I've been working later and more and trying to get stuff like that taken care of.

Wednesday I went to Sweet Tomato with Sarah (my oldest sister) and trained to work for her. She has her own company doing medical billing out of her house, and now she just doesn't have the time to do everything so she needed some help and I needed a hobby. She's funny. Anyway, that went really well actually. I'm really excited to start doing things and working for her, I think it will be a good thing and I'm excited to learn more! Plus, if she ever gets sick of doing it (like when she graduates and becomes a therapist) she could hand me her business and I could do it from home when I have kids. So, maybe that would be good. I'm excited either way.

Last night I went to this really great place called Pei Wei. It's owned by the same people as P.F. Chang and has the same menu, only it's like fast food and cheaper and quicker. It was seriously SO good. I even had lettuce wraps, which I've only ever heard about until last night. That is some really good grub. We had a good time, Cameron was doing a banquet and Josh was at school so it was just Me & Jamie, which I feel like we haven't done in a long time and I liked it. :) It was a great refreshment after the long work day.

David yelled at me yesterday, he's mean sometimes. I seriously felt like I was just going to break down and cry every time I saw him. I still feel the same way today a little bit, and I feel dumb crying at work. Ick, what a day. There were some ads that were supposed to go out int he Daily Herald 2 weeks ago, and we JUST found out that they didn't go out at all - he was REALLY mad about it and I felt like he was blaming me, but I had nothing to do with it! I get so frustrated when I have to be accountable for other peoples' jobs, it's not fair that I'm supposed to be the most grown-up and capable person in this group when I'm the one with no experience and no DESIRE to be the grown up. Ew. Hopefully today will be better.

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  1. busy busy girl! dont over do it though.. dont want to burn out right?

    sorry to hear about work and the yellin.. let it slide off your shoulders and keep doing your best! i love ya!


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