Friday, March 7, 2008

Which came first the Byrds or Solomon?

This morning was a good music morning. I frequently use my blog as my own personal radio station when I'm at work since I don't have a radio, but I do have a computer and my blog has a lot of my favorite songs. So, this morning during the silence of breakfast, I "turned on" my blog.Josh looked over at me with a puzzled expression on his face.

"That's a good song." He said hesitantly.
"Thank you."
"That's weird." He responded.

Josh and I don't always agree about music. We both like country, but that's about it. He grew up on FM 100 and I CAN'T STAND that station except on Sundays. Yes, they have some good songs once in a while, but I don't and can't listen to it all day every day, and the annoying morning DJ's make me crazy. I like 101.9 and he calls it "angry girl music" and immediately changes the station if I turn it on. I'm OK with that, and we don't really fight over it, we just both know we don't agree.

However, this morning he was shocked to find that he liked a song on my blog. I think he forgot that we really do like some of the same music, just not all of it.

On the way to work, as I was frantically searching for anything worth listening to, we found "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by the Byrds. We listened and I explained to Josh that in Jr. High my seminary teach (Brother Evans) made us listen to this song when we studied that scripture in the Old Testament.

"What scripture?"
"The one that has the same words as these lyrics." I paused waiting for the light to click on above his head. The one only I can see.
"This is in the scriptures?" He asked. "Do you think they took the words from the scriptures?"
"No dear, I think that Solomon took the scriptures from the 60's band the 'Byrds'" I tried my hardest not to sound too much like the "here's your sign" guy – but when you're saying something so simple it's hard. Josh thought about that for a second, then decided to argue his point so he didn't feel so dumb.
"You know those Old Testament prophets were pretty….prophetic. Maybe he saw them making that song and decided it sounded like good scripture so he put it in there." I have to admit, Josh is good at thinking outside the box that's for sure. And while I don't agree with his idea, I have to give him kudos for creatively arguing his point.


  1. Hilarious. It's a good thing you have a husband you can creatively argue with! And tell Josh that I love his answer--talk about outside the box!

  2. Amen! Kudos to my husband for bein' super-cool.


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